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Mini Review

One of our customers, Brian, recently wrote up a quick mini-review of his Enigma Pro, and shared it with us, so with his permission we're reproducing it below. You can see more from Brian at his website. "I've been using my Enigma (850DT 30°F Reg/Reg) for the last few months, from the Coastal Mountains of British [...]

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Building A Quilt #3 - Stuffing

The third installment in our Building A Quilt Series. See also: Part 1, and Part 2. When a down quilt is sent to stuffing, precision is key. The down is weighed out to the half gram for each baffle, and it's closed up and given the final attachments and accessories. This step is also the final quality control [...]

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Building A Quilt #2: Sewing

The second installment in our Building A Quilt series. See also: Part 1, and Part 3. In many ways sewing is the heart of building a quilt. It's during this stage that the fabric is all connected, baffled sewn inside, and ultimately how the quilt takes it's final shape. In the case of our Prodigy quilts this is [...]

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Building A Quilt #1: Cutting

This begins the first in a 3-part photo essay on the building of an Enlightened Equipment quilt (See also: Part 2, and Part 3). Our process is all done by hand in our shop in Winona, Minnesota.In the steps below, the fabric for a quilt is rolled out and marked with the appropriate lines for baffles and [...]

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Interviews with Tim Marshall, Founder of EE

Hikeventures did a nice little interview with Tim about how Enlightened Equipment came about. Check it out here!He also spoke with with Tales of a Mountain Mama about being a parent who also makes outdoor gear. You can read that (and responses from a few other parents)  here.

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