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1.50 Ounces

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    The Hoodlum is designed to be the perfect head warming accessory for your Enlightened Equipment top quilt, though, it can also be used entirely on its own when out on an adventure. Using our ultralight, breathable fabrics, and synthetic insulation for warmth, this will keep your head and face warm in all situations, wet or dry. The Hoodlum face enclosure can be left open or snapped closed, to leave more or less airflow as desired. A thin, light shock cord runs over the forehead and around to the back of the hood, which allows you to comfortably secure it to your head, allowing you full range of motion without obstructing visibility, and when you want the hood to cover your eyes to sleep, just pull the cord over the front of the hood and cinch it down tight. One size fits most. 


    Synthetic material weights may vary +/- 5% due to production variances.

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    1. Like a parka for your head.  star rating

      Posted by Janie on 1st May 2016

      Keeps your head super warm, anf therefore the rest of you...and nice if you're a bit claustro about sleeping bags with hoods.

    2. So fantastic  star rating

      Posted by James on 25th Apr 2016

      With this I don't need my down jacket to have a hood. I wore a wool buff under this, and slept happily all night. When I got up to pee, I didn't have to go hunting for a hat to keep me warm outside of my bag.

    3. Outstanding piece of gear  star rating

      Posted by Ty on 25th Mar 2016

      I had a chance to use this baby on a trip to the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee and love it.
      It packs up super small and weighs nearly nothing but packs some serious warmth for my EE Revelation quilts. It makes a great companion to them.

    4. Fantastic product  star rating

      Posted by SDJ on 26th Feb 2016

      I have used this product twice so far. Both times it has performed well. I have the 4 oz APEX version. Last weekend it got down to 0 deg F and it worked well. I mainly use it while sleeping and while emerging from the tent and starting the morning chores. The fabric is a "bit" thin (which has its own merits), so you need to be careful with it around camp/brushes/trees. It compresses well and takes up virtually no pack room. I will always just keep it in my stuff sack with my quilt or sleeping bag and an extra pair of wool socks so it is available when I go to sleep

    5. Perfect!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2016

      I have blood circulation issues and was concerned at the idea of buying a quilt without a hood. But this hood is the best ever! It is comfortable and super warm, and it goes really low on the neck so that no cold air can pass. I'm in love!

    6. I'm a fan  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2016

      Great piece of gear. On a recent Big Bend Ranch trip, it helped me warm with a down jacket in the evening with a Revelation quilt at night with temps down to around 20. The elastic doodad works well to keep it positioned perfectly. Can't beat the warmth for the weight -- 2 ounces!

    7. Functional details set the Hoodlum apart  star rating

      Posted by dblhmmck on 23rd Jan 2016

      I have owned 3 down hoods, and the Hoodlum is my first synthetic hood. I bought the 2.1 oz. version to go with a 40 degree quilt set up. There are 2 details in the design that really impress me.

      The first impressive detail that I noticed was the drawstring closure. It allows good adjustment of the face opening. And when secured around the back of the head, it effectively controls the width of the face opening, keeping it out of your eyes. Simple to adjust.

      The second detail that I think is worth mentioning, is the small webbing loop behind each snap. The Hoodlum comes with 3 snaps in front which give wider venting options. These webbing loops are little pull tabs. They aid dexterity with snapping and unsnapping.

      I imagine that they also take some stress off of the fabric. I have experienced fabric ripping when unsnapping a quilt once. And I think if this detail would have been used, it would have prevented that damage.

    8. Warm and versatile  star rating

      Posted by Cuyler on 14th Jan 2016

      I bought the 4 oz Apex version of this to use with a 0 degree convert for winter camping in Minnesota. I haven't had a chance to use it for my sleep system yet, but I've worn it while outside on nights where the air temp was -9 F with a wind chill of -30 F.

      I do a lot of astronomy and stargazing in my spare time, and this requires you to be nearly motionless while trying to hone on space objects with your telescope. The hoodlum, along with adequate insulation on all other parts of my body, keeps me extremely warm while doing this in subzero temperatures. The neck on it is long enough to tuck into any coat or jacket to prevent drafts and cold spots. Oh, and this thing easily weighs less than any other fleece, acrylic, or wool hat that I own.

      The hoodlum is absolutely fantastic! I would recommend this as an extremely warm head insulator, even if you don't need it for a quilt sleep system.

    9. Easy to Overlook Value  star rating

      Posted by mark on 17th Jul 2015

      I picked up the hoodlum on a whim. I've used beanies and balaclavas and they've done a fine job of keeping the cold at bay. But when I put on the hoodlum I had a great, comfortable nights sleep. It was comfortable against my skin, i got sufficient air circulating to avoid sweating, and when I wore it during a snowstorm I felt positively cozy.

      Smartest $ I've spent this summer.

    10. Great multi use hat  star rating

      Posted by Eric Nelson on 26th Jun 2015

      Brought this instead of my normal beanie on my last trip and was super impressed. Was using this as a hood for my down jacket (no hood) as well as sleeping hat.

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