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  • Proper quilt fit and use. Pad and Hoodlum not included.


Ships in 5-7 weeks. International customers are responsible for Import/Duty fees.
16.00 Ounces

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     Designed using CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation, the Prodigy is a high value quilt that combines great all weather performance and versatility in a low-cost package. The partially zippered/drawcord footbox allows the quilt to be used fully or partially open to vent excess heat, or to cinch down tight to conserve every last bit of warmth. The Climashield Apex insulation continues to effectively insulate even when wet, which is great for hikers and paddlers who need high versatility and all weather performance on a budget. This is also the ideal quilt for summer use, as the insulation isn't as negatively affected by sweat and oils from extra warm nights.




    • Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz)

    • Breathable Nylon Storage sack

    • Elastic Straps x2 (0.4oz each - One Straight, One Loop)


    Synthetic material weights may vary +/- 5% due to production variances.


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    1. Great product. Very water resistant.  star rating

      Posted by Dmitri on 23rd Aug 2016

      So I got this quilt for guiding because you when you are leading a trip you simply have no time to look after yourself or your gear and I needed something that just works. This was my second quilt, I have a down quilt but with down you have to take care of it to avoid moisture. And sure enough my decision was wise. On a couple of nights I accidentally left my quilt in the corner of my shitty company tent and came to find the thing literally in a puddle. Just sitting there soaking in water. So I groaned... took it out if the water, rung it, and left it in my tent for the rest of the evening. Anyway it was about a 38F night and I had a 20F soaking wet quilt so I figured "here's goes... this is why I got synthetic" and sure enough it performed as advertised! Perfectly warm and it didn't really feel wet even. I was amazed!

      I am 5'9" and 170lb and I had a reg/reg and it fit perfectly with room for a sweater and even a jacket. As many people note the temp ratings are optimistic. I had a 20F quilt and when it was 25F out I made it through the night but had to put on a hooded down jacket. No way I could actually be comfortable at 20F in it. I consider the rating a "survival rating". But everyone is different. I don't think this is a shortcoming of the product. The ratings seem consistent from year to year and product to product but if you are a colder sleeper just remember that the ratings are a little optimistic

    2. under priced and over delivered  star rating

      Posted by Brian Russell on 19th Aug 2016

      This is my first real piece of custom camping gear. Im 6'1 and customer ordered a 50 degree Long / wide Prodigy and i am extremely please at the construction and the weight. It truly is amazing how light yet still warm this bag is. stitching and seams both perfect. couldn't be happier. would highly recommend this model and company

    3. Enlightened Convert  star rating

      Posted by Kevin on 10th Aug 2016

      First quilt I've ever had and I can't imagine going back to a bag for three season use. The craftsmanship on the Prodigy is flawless. There's not a thing I would change or anything I would nitpick. If your on the fence, just buy it. It's plenty warm and super versatile. In a couple words--Love It.

    4. Amazing, best sleep gear I've had  star rating

      Posted by Oscar on 2nd Aug 2016

      I was finally able to test out this quilt at my recent trip to Isle Royale. And I;m so glad I had it, it kept me warm, comfortable, and it was really light to have in my backpack. For the price it really is worth it. If you are looking for new sleeping gear this should definitely be on your list

    5. Received new Prodigy top-quilt 30*  star rating

      Posted by Liam on 1st Aug 2016

      Received my new Prodigy top-quilt last week. On inspection the quilt itself looks extremely well made with top class materials. Very, very light with a great feel to it. I have only tried it indoors so far with outside temps hitting around the 30*F marker here on the highveld in SA and it is really comfortable and warm with very little of the clammy feeling one often gets with sleeping bags.

      My next order will be for a Prodigy under-quilt for some comfy hammock camping. I'm not sure how this will do for summer as they are typically sweltering hot here. but for winter I think it is perfect.

    6. The Best Camping Sleep Gear I've Ever Had...  star rating

      Posted by Kenny on 14th Jul 2016

      OK, folks, I'm not kidding around. I've spent a small fortune on sleeping bags over the years. I won't give details, but I've followed the invisible rainbow colored unicorn a long, long time and I never thought I'd catch it. Turns out, it ain't real, but what is, is the Prodigy Camping Quilt and it's everything I ever wanted it to be, and more.

      I don't have restless leg syndrome, but I move in the night, and the older I get the more times I get up in the night, and the easier I want that to be able to happen. Call me a weirdo.

      I'm 6'2" and slim, but I ordered a 7' quilt that's extra wide and I'm loving it! I have enough quilt to wrap around me any which way I need to, and its all extremely lightweight and well made to be able to handle the pulling and tugging in the night.

      The best feature might be the pull string for the feet, because I'm a bit of a hot foot and like to be able to simply move my feet a tad to get some fresh air movement down there where I need it most. There are also straps for holding it to the matress, but I only use the lower one. There are snaps, but I don't really need those when I'm sleeping...yet...haven't had it on a really cold night yet. I'm sure it will be perfect for that, though, w/ all the pull strings and adjustable straps for a tighter fit if needed. I really like the versatility! You guys thought of everything!!

      It might be the last sleeping thing I buy, because it hits the target perfectly for me. Long time coming. And USA made! Rocks! Thanks for the great quilt!

    7. So much better than the army issue sleep system  star rating

      Posted by Mac on 7th Jul 2016

      Bought this because I was sick of the sleep system I was issued this is so much lighter more compact and warm will absolutely be buying a backup

    8. Verstile and comfortable  star rating

      Posted by Jon Simpson on 29th Jun 2016

      This quilt is warm, lightweight, and comfortable. Especially when my 7 year old decides to try and filter water in the tent at night and soaks his bag. I was able to unclip my quilt and use it as a blanket for him and myself. It kept us both comfortable and warm through the night. The compactability is also great I was carrying gear for two and had no issues finding room for my quilt. I will defiantly be purchasing more products from your company in the future.

    9. Exactly what I was looking for  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2016

      I have been looking for a new sleeping bag or quilt for about six months now. As an outdoor professional, this will be more my bed than the mattress I have at home, so I wanted to take my time and pick something that was of a high quality. This quilt has so far exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship, weight, and thermoregulation all surpass any sleeping bag I have owned and the versatility of being able to transition from a quilt to a reasonable sleeping bag is superb. I have used this product as a sleeping bag, blanket, and as a hammock underquilt, all with success. I would definitely recommend this product to friends or coworkers looking for high quality, versatility, and superior comfort.

    10. best BANG for your buck! Super warm!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 24th Jun 2016

      I love this bag. I did A LOT of research and compared bags. This by far was the best bang for your buck! Premium quality at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this company. In-fact I was highly recommended and that's how I found them.

      *Also, their customer service is great! They actually delivered my bag early so that I was able to use it on my hike this Spring (thank you for that!).

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