From Van to Hut to Tent the Convert Can Go Anywhere

We just spent 5-months traveling around both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It is a place where the views are stunning around every corner. Whether you are driving down one of winding roads or hiking out into the bush you are surrounded by mother natures beauty. It truly is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise.

Oh, and did I mention there are always pristine beaches and epic mountains within two to four hours of each other, at any moment, no matter where you are located?

When traveling overseas and planning to do a variety of outdoor activities it can be really tough to pack into one bag and keep things light. Thanks to our two Convert quilts we can do everything we want, take it everywhere, and keep the weight low.

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In New Zealand our primary mode of travel and “living” was in our campervan. We had a comfy bed and the Convert worked great as an open blanket on warm nights by the sea or zipped together on cold nights in mountains.

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One of our favorite aspects of traveling in New Zealand is their hut system. The Department of Conservation (DOC) maintains the huts and there are over 950 of them scattered throughout the country (FYI, New Zealand is the same land size as Colorado). You are able to pack extra light on these hut trips because you can leave your tent and sleeping pad behind. All you need is your sleeping bag, clothing layers, food, and water. Our 20-degree Convert was the perfect bag to keep us warm inside the huts from Spring to Fall and all types of weather in-between.

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Lastly, and probably most importantly the Convert is a great lightweight option for backpacking and sleeping in a tent. Trying to keep the pack light and not too bulky is one of our primary goals to make sure the trip is as enjoyable as possible and cover as much ground as possible. Our Converts kept us warm and cozy zipped inside our tent even on cold rainy nights. Or the night when winds soar to 40 mph creating a sand storm inside your tent, which did happen just hours after the photo above was taken.

I think the true value of the EE quilts and sleeping bags is their versatility. Having one bag that you can take anywhere you go and functionally works and adapts to each situation is key. It makes traveling and packing simple. Now each morning we are rested and ready to conquer the day.


Katy and Michael

Global Lanes