Meet the EE Team: Interview with Tyler

T-Buss, How long have you been a part of the EE team?

April 9, 2016...but who’s counting..

Tell us some things that every person should know about you?

Born and raised in Madison, WI. I love a good celebration, holiday, wedding or get together. My favorite place on earth is Queenstown, New Zealand. I spend birthdays in Key West. If it’s travel or anything else, I choose travel. I enjoy backpacking and camping, but truly love small beach towns where I can get around by bike, eat some fresh catch and pack nothing but t’s and boardshorts. I believe the best gift you can give another human is an airline ticket, cash for bus fare or prepaid camping.

How’d you get into hiking and the outdoors? where do you like to go, etc?

My dad is an old school “steel frame, maps in tubes, 3 piece fly rod” kinda guy. He inspired me to get outdoors, but it wasn’t until I did Pacific Challenge at 23 that I really got hooked.

I like any trail, any bike ride, any challenge...just don’t ask me to canoe somewhere that involves more portage than paddle.

Within the U.S. I love Zion National Park. Lake Tahoe is my favorite zen location. Favorite town is Savannah, GA or Crested Butte, CO. Favorite city is Denver, CO or Madison, WI. And most importantly if I could go somewhere right now I would grab some friends and head to The Green Parrot in Key West.

What’s the best outdoor trip you have ever gone on?

Routeburn Track

What’s the worst?

They’ve all been pretty amazing.

Where would you love to visit?

I’d love to do some diving off of Roatan.

What’s one piece of gear you always need?

Sunglasses. I didn’t wear sunglasses for the first 23 years of my life, but for some reason they’ve become my American Express. I prefer Tifosi, Dragon or Costa.

What would you never be caught with in your pack?

Walking stick/ trekking pole

Favorite sports team?

University of Wisconsin Badgers, Chicago Cubs

Why do you love customer service?

I get a kick out of making people happy. Plus we have a very “capable” team of hooligans who keep me amused.

Flash round! Which do you prefer?

Shoes or Sandals?


Desert or forest?


Revelation or Convert?

Ha! Dur...

Oceans or Lakes?


Cowboy Camping or Car Camping?

Cowboy. I had a guide trainer with a hybrid technique on this. He would sleep on the ground under the van engine. I guess he thought it was warmer or more safe or something...

Vampires or Werewolves?

Werewolves are way cooler, Vampires have better teeth.

Dry Foods or Dehydrated Foods?

We had these amazing dried fruit medley packs in NZ….I’d end up just buying a bunch, even off trail for meals. I wanna say it’s Sunreal or something like that.