Elastic Pad Straps

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The pad straps. The thing that keeps us all together... or at least keeps us cozy in our quilt. All models sold in pairs - 1 Loop + 1 Straight strap for solo quilts.

These pad strap fit all of our single person quilts.

If you're looking for a strap for your Accomplice, try this page.

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14 Reviews

Greg McCully 10th Jul 2020

EE in general

Straps are straps - they work as advertised....actually these were replacements and seem a bit smaller than before. A tiny bit tight on a 20' pad, but no real issue. Im reviewing EE....love these guys and their stuff. I always come back for more

KM 5th Jul 2019


These straps work great. I sleep w my quilt on a bench bed in a camper and the quilt would every so slowly slide off to the floor many times during the night. These straps solve the problem. Also tried them on the ground and works great there too.

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