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Our best selling Revelation Quilt but with synthetic APEX fill! A favorite of long distance hikers, the Revelation Quilt is known for its amazing versatility, thoughtful design, and ultralight weight. On warm nights, The Revelation can lay open as a blanket, and in colder temperatures, you can cinch the adjustable 1/4 length zipper footbox closed. This design allows you to dial in a comfortable night’s sleep in a wide range of different temperatures and climates.

The Revelation is a quilt, not a sleeping bag, which means it’s designed to be used with a sleeping pad to provide insulation underneath you, between you and the ground. The Revelation doesn’t have a full-length zipper or a built-in hood, saving weight and space in your pack.  

Important Note: Custom orders cannot be changed once they are in production. Returned custom orders (or custom orders cancelled after production has started) will incur a 20% restocking fee. No exceptions.


    • Footbox has a 20” zipper and shock cord combination for a totally adjustable closure
    • Pad attachment system uses elastic straps and clips on each side of the quilt to keep it secure on a sleeping pad and lock out drafts
    • Snap and drawcord neck closure lets you fine-tune draft control
    • Climashield APEX insulation performs better than down in wet and humid conditions, dries quickly, packs small, and is easy to clean
    • Built with no sewn-through seams, to eliminate cold spots
    • Ultralight nylon fabric has a DWR finish and has been customized for comfort
    • Fabric colors may appear different from images shown due to rendering and monitor differences. Read more about our Fabrics.
    • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.

CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances.


We accept returns of new and unused items with all tags attached, within 30 days of shipment. Returned custom orders, or custom orders cancelled after production has started, incur a 20% restocking fee. For more information, check out our policies.

Note: All quilt height and width measurements reference the dimensions of the sewn but not stuffed product. Each quilt type measures differently based on product design. For sizing related questions, please review our size chart located on the tab above. The length measurement below is taken while the quilt is completely open and laid flat. When the footbox is fully closed the length will decrease by 4” - 6”. Unless otherwise noted, this chart reflects the weight of 10D outside and inside fabric.

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126 Reviews

Jim 20th Jan 2021

Revelation Apex 50 degree Custom, long/wide

Very satisfied with the quilt and with the service- it went just as advertised. My first camping quilt, and I especially like the ease of entry and exit. No zipper to hang up. The drawstring cinch around the neck works like silk, and it seals well. Excellent materials and construction. At 13 oz, it is perfect for overnight hikes in mild weather. But I have also used it comfortably for numerous nights this winter at 25 degrees F. by adding a gr-20 down blanket: an overstuffed, 1lb 6oz version of the 17oz down "camping blankets" commonly sold on Amazon. I created a footbox in the blanket with plastic snaps, inserted it into the footbox of the quilt, and then attached it to the upper half of the the quilt at several points using sewn tabs and snaps. Easily removeable for warmer nights. Even though I am a slender six footer, I appreciate the width of the wide quilt- easy to stay tucked. I don't need the long length, though, even with the added blanket. If I wanted to save 11 ounces, I would not hesitate to buy an Enlightened Equipment down quilt rated to 20 degrees.

Ben 19th Nov 2020

Revelation Apex Quilt

Pro: Lightweight, good sewing, soft materials, warm insulation, nice looking

Cons: Can't wash in a machine. Thin cord in top closure doesn't work with provided cordlock, loosens from very light pressure and heat escapes because there isn't any other draft protection designed into the quilt. The thin elastic bands used to attach the quilt to the pad don't prevent gaps from forming, they only help return the pad to the right spot after you adjust your body. But if you move in your sleep you will create air gaps along the bottom edge of the quilt all night and wake up cold a lot, it is a laughably inadequate form of attachment, so so bad.

Highly disappointed, not recommended unless you don't move in your sleep and don't mind spending all day washing a blanket. They have an absurd design philosophy, weight is an important consideration, but gear has so many other factors to balance to be good, like durability and ease of cleaning. I'm going to just risk it and wash in a front loader on gentle because otherwise the quilt has no utility in my life. I wish I had noticed the laundering requirements before purchasing, but I never even considered someone would produce a piece of gear with such silly requirements and it isn't listed in the main info for the quilt. Actually, in the bit on the insulation,l they mention, "easy to clean". Turns out that is a highly relative and deceptive bit of info.

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