Sub-Zero Strap (Quilt Layering Strap)

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The Sub-Zero strap is specifically designed for those who want to secure multiple quilts to their pad as part of a layering system, so you can stay warm no matter the temperature. This is most commonly done using a shoulder season Revelation or Enigma down quilt with a summer-weight synthetic Revelation APEX or Enigma APEX for use in below-zero temperatures, though it will work with any pair of Enlightened Equipment single-person quilts. Sold individually. 0.4oz / 11g each.

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2 Reviews

Aaron 25th Feb 2019

Perfect for quilt layering!

There's not much to say about these, other than they work perfectly, and are as simple to use as any other pad strap. I used them recently on a trip where the expected temperatures were in the high teens... and naturally, we woke up to check our thermometer had recorded temps dropping into single digits overnight. I used the Sub-Zero Straps (I opted for two) to layer my 30º Revelation over my 10º Enigma. The two quilts stayed in perfect position all night long, and I was perfectly toasty warm all night. These straps worked exactly as intended, and I couldn't be happier with them. And, at just a couple of dollars each, they're kind of a no-brainer purchase. Thanks, EE!

Steve Collins 18th Oct 2018

The BEST Sub-Zero Strap In The World

This is a strap. There are two flat buckles on either end that clip to my quilts to make a quilt sandwich. It makes a toasty quilt sandwich. The clips are the correct size to clip to EE quilts. I’m pretty sure this is the absolute best quilt sandwich maker in the world.

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