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    The Enigma is the ideal minimalist quilt when weight and simplicity are critical. It is designed to decrease weight and space in your pack to an absolute minimum, simplify your sleep system and keep you plenty warm.  It specifically features a round sewn-closed footbox.  The round design in the footbox provides more room for your feet while reducing dead air space that needs to be heated.  With the footbox being sewn closed, it requires no fuss or adjustment, and shedding the zipper shaves even more weight off. The sewn-closed footbox is also perfect for cold weather trips, as it helps reduce drafts and maintains maximum warmth.


    The Enigma is the quilt for bike packers, mountaineers, backpackers, and packrafters, who need simple gear that takes up little space and is as light as possible.



    • Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz)

    • Breathable Nylon Storage sack

    • Elastic Straps x2 (0.4oz each - One Straight, One Loop)



    Detailed Information:
    The Enigma (02:03)
    The Enigma is the ideal minimalist quilt when weight simplicity and compressibility are critical. In this video we review the features and functions of the Enigma and why it would be a great option for you.
    • The Enigma
      The Enigma is the ideal minimalist quilt when weight simplicit...
    • Intro to Quilts
      In this video we explain what a down-filled camping quilt is. ...
    • Pads & Straps
      In this video we explain our strap system and how it integrate...

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    1. My Best Backpacking Purchase  star rating

      Posted by Ryan on 26th Dec 2016

      I bought this 30 deg. quilt about 8 months ago, so this review's long overdue. I wanted to thoroughly test it out so I could accurately rate it.
      I'll just start by saying that this is by far my favorite item in my backpack. The value you get from one of these, for the price, is absolutely incredible (compared to some other quilt manufacturers) - which is why I'll keep coming back to Enlightened Equipment for all my future quilts. You simply can't find a better deal for a high quality quilt anywhere else.
      The baffle design keeps the insulation right where you need it and the temperature rating is spot on (unlike with most sleeping bags, which tend to fall way short of their stated temp ratings). I should mention that the sleeping pad you use is just as important as your bag ( I'm using the NeoAir Xtherm ).
      I haven't had one single problem with anything so far - you can tell these are built to last, as long as you take care of them.
      I'm 6ft .5in tall (to be exact) and the regular length / wide width fits me perfectly. If you only sleep on your back & don't really toss & turn, you can probably get away with the regular width. I'd say the max height for the regular length would be 6'1" -- even that's pushing it. Any taller and I'd definitely recommend the longer length option. Another tip I have is to bring a dedicated pair of silk (or other thin material) pants & long sleeve shirt just for sleeping in. It'll keep the dirt/oil on your skin from dirtying the insulation & reducing the temp rating .
      So if you're on the fence about going with one of these quilts - go ahead and jump -- you won't find a better deal anywhere else & these quilts keep you just as warm as sleeping bags (especially if you use the included straps).
      I really hope these guys' company does well [ & that they're able to continue offering their lower prices ;-) ]. I'll definitely be getting my next (winter) quilt from E.E.

    2. Ultralight and ultra warm  star rating

      Posted by Trevor on 10th Dec 2016

      The Enigma 10 degreee 850 down quilt I s really great.

    3. top notch  star rating

      Posted by wing on 3rd Dec 2016

      Best damn thing I probably will ever have purchased in my life. If your buy one you will never go back to a mummy bag ever. It's just like sleeping at home only better because your not at home. Worth every penny and ounce

    4. Very light, warm and well made  star rating

      Posted by Freimuth on 25th Nov 2016

      Excellent product if it falls into your specific use category. Well made, warm.
      Takes a bit of time to get product; but if you plan for time-it is worth it

    5. My first backpacking quilt and I'll never go back!  star rating

      Posted by Jocelyn on 20th Nov 2016

      I took this on a Fall trip to the Smokey mountains. It did great on the cool nights. I was initially worried about it not having full body coverage, like my mummy bag, but pairing it with a warm Exped mat I was plenty warm and comfy. I can't wait for my next trip. Thanks!

    6. the good size but unless filled  star rating

      Posted by bruno LEROYER on 18th Nov 2016

      I'm 6'4" . I bought last year a 20° Long Wide Enigma sleeping bag filled in 900cuin. Its great filled, warm but a little bit to long and to wide for me. I close the sleeping bag around my neck. I tested it last year on a hike across the Alps during the summer.
      So I decide to buy a 30° in regular size. Despite the new size, which fits me very well, I had problem with down distribution and area without down when I moved in the night with this new one, that made cold points. The mesured weight of this sleeping bag is the same as describe on enlightened equipment's web site.
      That's a pity. If this 30° Sleeping bag could be filled with just one more oz down, that would be a great sleeping bag

    7. Very warm and lightweight sleeping bag  star rating

      Posted by Victor on 15th Nov 2016

      I'm 5'10" medium/slim built. I had purchased the 10deg F regular length/width and it fits just fine. This is a change from my mummy sleeping bag and I see that it definitely requires more getting used to specially setting up the straps just right to keep warm and comfortable. I haven't had the opportunity to use it in weather < 32F yet, but I'm hoping it will do the job just fine. I'll update my review once I have experience it. I have used it for warmer weather and the bag is light weight 19.84ounces and packs snug in my backpack. I originally received the sleeping bag with a broken strap buckle, but EE was quick to send one to me once I had communicated the issue. Great sleeping bag so far.

    8. Great design and super comfortable fabric  star rating

      Posted by Michigandave on 7th Nov 2016

      I'm using my 0 Enigma (regular length, wide version) as part of my winter hammock gear. I own 2 Revelations (20 & 40 degree) and this is my first sewn footbox. It's great having the extra space for the feet plus the extra width really lets me tuck in the TQ around my shoulders. EE is my go-to place for quilts!

    9. Amazing!  star rating

      Posted by Eirik Verlo on 2nd Nov 2016

      Just got my long awaited Enigma after a long wait (totally worth the wait). Haven´t got to try it out yet other than inside my apartment, but it really seems amazing. Ordered the regular length and wide version ( I am 177cm and 80kg) and I am really amazed that i can actually use it as a sleeping bag and still have lots of space inside to move. Cant wait to try it in the winter, I ordered the 0 degree and I think its gonna work that cold :)

    10. Over Priced and Under Performs  star rating

      Posted by Kevin on 18th Oct 2016

      I bought a 30 degree Enigma bag with the 950 down. I used this bag on a 50 degree night and I was freezing. I run warm so i was very surprised to be so cold in my 30 degree bag. When I received it, it seemed under stuffed and now that I have used it I believe that it is. This bag is overpriced and under delivers.

      I do not recommend this product. For the price you can get a better bag that is just as light.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 88 | Next

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