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  • Shown in Black and Forest 10D
  • Shown in Charcoal and Black 10D, Steel 20D Weather Resistant Stripes
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  • Proper quilt fit and use. Pad and Hoodlum not included.
  • Shown in Charcoal and Black 10D, Steel 20D Weather Resistant Stripes
  • Shown in Black and Forest 10D
  • Shown in Charcoal and Black 10D, Steel 20D Weather Resistant Stripes
  • Shown in Black and Forest 10D
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Ships in 5-7 weeks. International customers are responsible for Import/Duty fees.
19.29 Ounces

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    The Enigma is the ideal minimalist quilt when weight and simplicity are critical. The sewn-closed footbox requires no fuss or adjustment, and shedding the zipper shaves weight to an absolute minimum. The sewn footbox also is perfect for winter trips, as it helps reduce drafts and maintains maximum warmth.



    • Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz)

    • Breathable Nylon Storage sack

    • Elastic Straps x2 (0.4oz each - One Straight, One Loop)


    Detailed Information:

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    1. Top Notch  star rating

      Posted by Kanye Southwest on 9th Jul 2016

      Couldn't be happier with my quilt. Delivered within the time stated and is flawless. Great price, well thought out design, amazingly light, comfortable and easy to use. Can't be beat! Truly a super product.

      After a few test runs I'm taking mine BIKEpacking on the Colorado Trail next week.

    2. Worth the wait, worth the price, worth the weight...  star rating

      Posted by Fred Alletto on 11th Jun 2016

      Simply the best ultralight bag for the money. Just plan in advance for custom orders. The materials and construction are flawless. I am very happy with my purchase.

    3. My Enigma worth its wieght in gold  star rating

      Posted by John Davidson on 31st May 2016

      Used my Enigma for the first time on a 35 mile hike in the Grand Canyon. Super lite and comfy. Thank you very much to the Enlightened Equipment crew for making sure I had my new quilt before I left to the Canyon. Looking forward to using my new Enigma quilt for many more backpacking trips.

    4. Super light and functional design  star rating

      Posted by Dustin on 19th May 2016

      Just back from a 5 night trip with the quilt. It's well made, and super light. Mine was 18.75 ounces.

      The only tick against it is the temperature rating. Granted I'm a cold sleeper, but I had to wear a couple layers to stay warm on two nights that were 25°. That was in a tent, with an air mattress.

      I definitely would buy again.

    5. My first quilt -- so far so good  star rating

      Posted by Doug B on 4th May 2016

      I bought the 30F version, with 750 duck down (reg length, reg width) in 2014. I'm 6' tall, 185lbs. This is my first quilt, and it's a wonderful product. I'm amazed that it is as warm as it is, when it is so light. It doesn't seem like there is a lot of down in there, but it seems to do the job. I haven't had it in temp less than 10C, so I'm looking forward to using it in cooler temps. But I don't anticipate any issues.

    6. 20 degree bag that doesn't keep me warm on 45 degree night????  star rating

      Posted by Steve Matheos on 27th Apr 2016

      Product just doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Trip to the AT in Georgia. April nights that never got below 45 degrees but I had to wear my down jacket and long underwear plus socks and hat in order to stay warm in my new 20 degree bag.
      When I called to complain I got zero satisfaction from the "customer service" representative. Poor way to do business.

      *Note From EE* Unfortunately the reason we were unable to return/exchange the quilt for the customer was because the customer had damaged the quilt while using it. We did offer to repair the product with the only cost being shipping to the shop but the customer declined.

    7. My First Quilt  star rating

      Posted by Webb Hall on 22nd Apr 2016

      Went camping last week for the first time with my new Enigma quilt. At 6'4" tall and 230 pounds, I opted for the 20 Degree long length but regular width. I woke up sweating one night when it was in the low 40's. The size is perfect for me. Since I am a dedicated hammock camper, I am saving up for an under quilt, and will definitely be buying it from Enlightened Equipment.

    8. Excellent Quality  star rating

      Posted by Zachary Stephens on 20th Mar 2016

      I would absolutely recommend this again. The 6 - 10 week lead time is a bit difficult to wait, but in the end it was worth it. I will be buying an underquilt soon.

    9. Fabulous Quilt  star rating

      Posted by Jenica Ferguson on 4th Mar 2016

      I have a lot of dreams for this quilt. I work in the desert of Utah, doing wilderness therapy & backpacking with kids 8 days at a time. The Enigma 0`F has been my go to bag since October. I've been comfortable with a NeoAir XTherm & a bivy to -15`F. Then I got a Revelation 30`F to layer with it for temps in the -20`'s .
      The Enigma will be my shoulder season bag, and get used/abused/beat up & carried throughout the desert for weeks at a time for work.
      Finally, next year it will through hike 900 miles of the AT NOBO, at least until I hit my folks home in VA & switch to Revelation 30`F.
      I love EE's equipment because it's so well made that I can expect to get a ton of years and use out of the Enigma. It was worth custom ordering to get the combination of sizes, downtek, and colors I wanted. The turn around time was well worth the wait.

    10. Enigma 0F (-17C)  star rating

      Posted by Geoff Gafford on 9th Feb 2016

      I came to a quilt having become dissatisfied with my Mountain Equipment Xero 350. This is rated as having a Comfort Zone of +20C to -5C, being "happiest" at maybe +5C, although it is all very subjective. I've slept in it at -12C and I was cold, although I have been chilled at around freezing point at other times. Consequently, I've considered myself to be a "cold sleeper".

      I looked online at warmer rated down bags and was shocked at the high price and weight so did nothing. Looking online at various American hikers' blogs, I came across a number of recommendations of quilts made by Enlightened Equipment. All seemed to be very favourable. I therefore took the plunge. The quilt I ordered was the Enigma. There a number of options. I opted for water repellant down (in case it gets damp), regular length and width, and rated down to -12C. I chose forest green on the outside and red on the inside (for extra warmth!). The waiting time was going to be several weeks. During that time, I fussed over whether it was going to be warm enough. I emailed EE about this, saying that I'm a cold sleeper. They advised upgrading to -17C for another $15, which I paid online. This proved to have been a good decision.

      The quilt duly arrived. The fabrics used are very light and seem quite delicate so some care will be needed in use. It comes with a large nylon sack for storage and a silnylon stuffsack. The two elasticated straps go round and underneath my sleeping pad to keep the quilt in place, although use of these is optional. They work very well, although the buckles are a bit fiddly. I had expected the quilt to let drafts in, particularly when turning over but this has not been the case. There are also two narrow straps at the head end which, when passed behind the neck, connect together with a press stud. There is also a draw cord to secure it around the neck to keep the warmth in.

      The foot box of the quilt is good. I slip my feet into it and there they stay. I tend to wear long johns and a top of some sort in the colder months at night. I also wear warm socks although these may prove to be unnecessary now. So far, I've been very impressed with the quilt in use and have slept well through some quite chilly nights. After all these years, I may have cracked my cold sleeping problem.

      The quilt compresses well for carrying in a pack and lofts up very quickly for use and storage. It appears to be very well made and, as evidence of how pleased I am with it, I ordered another Enigma, much lighter, one for summer use. It is rated to +10C and weighs about 300 grams. I love EE quilts! I think they can expect to receive more orders from the UK as I’ve reviewed the Enigma for the UK Backpackers Club.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 71 | Next

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