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  • Revelation with weather resistant stripes.
  • Revelation with weather resistant stripes.
  • Revelation with weather resistant stripes.
  • Revelation with weather resistant stripes.


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    The Revelation top quilt is the most versatile quilt available. It uses a partially-zippered footbox (the zipper extends 20" from the foot to the back of your knees) which allows the footbox to quickly be opened or closed, and weighs only 1 gram more than using snaps. Utilizing a simple yet adaptable attachment system, you can cinch the quilt edges down tight for cold weather, or open up for more ventilation when it’s warm, including opening the whole quilt and footbox flat like a blanket. The Revelation is made-to-order just for you, without a custom price tag. Choose the specific down option, size, temperature rating, and fabrics you need to hit the performance you need with no unnecessary weight. This is the perfect quilt for canoeists, kayakers, hikers, climbers, and cyclists who need minimal weight while being able to adapt to any situation they may find on the trail.



    OutdoorGearLab's Best Buy Award winner since 2013. 



    • Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz)

    • Breathable Nylon Storage sack

    • Elastic Straps x2 (0.4oz each - One Straight, One Loop)


    The Revelation (01:59)
    The Revelation is our most popular and versatile quilt. In this video, we cover the features and functions of the Revelation and why it would be a great option for you.
    • The Revelation
      The Revelation is our most popular and versatile quilt. In th...
    • Intro to Quilts
      In this video we explain what a down-filled camping quilt is. ...
    • Pads & Straps
      In this video we explain our strap system and how it integrate...

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    1. Wow!  star rating

      Posted by Brian on 30th Dec 2016

      Alright, so I've finally had a chance to use this quilt since November in California, in fact I'll be going again in 2 weeks. :) It's been raining, damp, foggy, and cold, well for California, low 40s. I use a Neo Air Xtherm(r=5.7) Wide(25") coupled with the Revelation, Wide by 6 feet, 20f, 10D outer and inner material and the two straps and the footbox closed and wow I have had room to move and super comfortable. I am 6' and 150lbs muscular. Im used too, as one can get to a confining mummy bag and found I couldn't hack it, I am a side sleeper and a stomach sleeper, which is why I gave the quilt a try(after using my mummy like one more than once...) Amazingly, I stay right where I need too all night and having the wider pad helps keep my arms from falling to the ground and more leg room. I bring a digital thermometer and found it got down recently to 43.6f and 84% humidity overnight which coupled with everyrhing being wet minus having it actually rain on me... Really sucks the warmth from everything, including my pad. However, I donned my thermals, beanie, and gloves and I was warm and comfortable. Temperature in my tent at 0700 was 48.4f 92% humidity... Brrr. My bag worked very well, I used the cinch cord loosely around my neck and the top snap to keep out the cold air and it worked great! I have not had any issues with the small hole in the footbox either(I always wear wool socks to protect the pad and bags from toe nails.) All in all, winter camping is new for me and I sleep in an REI quarter dome 1 tent and found my bags get damp from the side touching the wall opposite the door and vesituble area, the bag did seem to dry just fine even in my waterproof compression sack a few hours later after the drive home. If I decide to do colder temps in the 30s when its this wet outside I think Ill be fine so long as I wear another layer, like a light jacket.

      All in all, I am very glad I moved to a quilt... Especially in the colder weather I can easily use it as a blanket around camp! Awesome!

    2. The major problem my wife and I have discovered.  star rating

      Posted by don on 29th Dec 2016

      My wife and I have both 10 and 40 degree quilts. We use them all 4 seasons. When they arrived we couldn't wait so we opened our windows and shut off the heat to our room and let it get into the 30's. The major problem we discovered is they were so darn comfortable we didn't want to stop using them. We have discovered their degree ratings seem to be pretty darn accurate. They are incredibly light and packable. Their design makes them versatile for every condition we have met. I would strongly encourage folks to study how to couple these up for even greater warmth with the straps. Doubled up there are darn is nearly no limit to their use.

    3. Great Quality and LIght  star rating

      Posted by Kenrick on 29th Dec 2016

      I have not used my quilt in a cold weather environment yet; however, I will use it frequently in the next year. The quality is commensurate with the price with no flaws, no errors in the order and the quilt was manufactured and shipped within the estimated time that I ordered it (even though the estimated shipping dates changed farther into the future for orders after mine).

      I struggled to decide whether to buy the Revelation or the Enigma with the sewn-closed footbox. I ultimately decided that the advantages of zipper footbox transforming into a quilt outweighed the cons of having a hole in the end of the footbox when zipped up. I think there are ways of designing a method to close off the footbox (like a flap); I think I will just stuff something inside towards the footbox if becomes an issue.

      The bag is very lightweight and stuffs into the stuff sacks that are much smaller than the ones that come with it if needed.

      Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase! I would purchase another one for my wife with no regret.

    4. Great Quilt but  star rating

      Posted by Josh on 28th Dec 2016

      Great Quilt but t is not the correct size I ordered. It is the right colors etc, it is just several inches narrower than they said it was suppose to be. I ordered 58 inch wide version and it is several inches shy of the width it was promoted as. I will make due with it because I just don't want to have to deal with the headache of returning swapping or having it corrected. I just hope it will go to 0 degrees as stated because I am a winter camper. With spending over 400 dollars it looks like it would of been right or checked to see if it was right before shipping it.

    5. I LOVE THESE QUILTS  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 25th Dec 2016

      One word? QUALITY
      clearly far better quality then any type of bag found at any REI type store at the same cost. not to mention its way lighter, and super super stuffed. Evenly.

      Ive has 2 of these bags now and im sold on EE.
      temp rating seems very accurate
      the material feels great, it never leaks, and i sleep like a baby.
      Im a permanent vagabond so i sleep in my bag pretty much every night for years now. I smash it down a light for room purposes and its held very well over time even with all my (borderline abusive stuff sacking)
      Every night in climb into this bag with gratitude.

      One CON . and it may be a big one
      now that these bags open up into blankets (a feature i totally love) there is a little hole at the footbox that it seems cant be closed. its created by needed to use a drawstring that simply cant close the bag ALL the way. i havnt tested this new model in extreme cold yet so i cant say what this does to the warmth but it is concerning. maybe im just doing it wrong? unsure.

      i love the blanket feature tho, it gives the the ability to carry a warmer bag on my travels and know that if its to warm out i can just open it up and stick my arms and legs out with ease.

      Then again- if this feature means a cold footbox- i guess we shall see

      never the less I have to give it a 5 star because overall EE and these quilts are simply EPIC. i will never go back. never.

    6. Great Sleeping Quilt  star rating

      Posted by Scott on 25th Dec 2016

      I purchased this bag for my wife. A Revelation regular length, wide width, 850 downtek, 0 degrees. We received the order as promised, took around 7 weeks. Quality looks great, super light at 25oz. We have not had a chance to use the bag yet since we received it early in November and won't be camping until late spring. Our hopes are high that it will live up to our expectations. Once we have used the bag I will update our review to reflect how it performed. Since we haven't used the bag yet, I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 stars. We do a lot of long distance bike touring and some backpacking so we are super excited to put this bag to the test. Our air mattress is a NeoAir XTherm Max retangular shape, which is a fantastic air mattress for cushion and warmth with an R value of 5.7.

    7. Top-Notch. Great Price  star rating

      Posted by Jifigz on 24th Dec 2016

      I bought this quilt in February and just used it for the first time last weekend. The 20° top quilt kept me cozy paired with my EE under quilt through temps in the low 30's and snow, sleet, and rain. Perfect stitching, flawless craftsmanship, wonderful design. I make 95% of my own gear and turn to our great Cottage manufacturers for the rest. Why support big companies that charge more for something made overseas when you can get custom made goods in our country made exactly to your specs? Enlightenedequipment.com is a great company to deal with and both of my purchases through them have been great.

    8. light and warm  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2016

      Got back from henry coe state park this past weekend and I didn't expect it to be below 30 but it got down to 12!!! I Have the 20degree version and i was actually pretty warm except my face and that isn't what this quilt is for. I suggest having a down hoodie that cinches if you want to take it that low. And I did wear some cloths as well. But still, impressive.

    9. Love at first sleep!  star rating

      Posted by Scott on 20th Dec 2016

      Bought the 10* revelation for when I'm hunting or hiking solo. First time I packed it, I was amazed at how light and small it packed, I can put the Revelation and my down pillow in an 8 liter Seat to Summit eVac dry sack for easy packing. Quilt is wonderfully warm and doesn't constrict like a mummy bag, don't plan on using a sleeping bag ever again. By one, you won't regret it!

    10. Ideal  star rating

      Posted by flapjackbandit@hotmail.com on 19th Dec 2016

      I ordered the long 20° version of the Revelation and I couldn't be happier. I'm 6'3" and I have plenty of room without feeling lost in material. In a midweight baselayer, I easily slept down to the temperature rating, and would feel comfortable pushing the rating with the addition of another clothing layer.

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