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    The Revolt is a hammock underquilt designed to keep your backside warm in your hammock. The high fill power down options combined with KARO baffles and differentially cut inner and outer fabrics means down stays in position and fully lofted. The extremely adaptable suspension allows the underquilt to be used with almost any hammock, and fine tuning of the position can occur even while laying down. Available in multiple lengths (from Torso to Full length), the 45"-wide Revolt Underquilt is a great choice for hammock sleepers looking to meet their specific UQ needs at the price point right for them.



    • Silnylon Stuff Sack

    • Breathable Nylon Storage sack

    • 2 x 12′ 3/32″ shock cord for suspension
    Underquilts (02:24)
    Hammock camping is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to camp. In this video we talk about one of the most important pieces of gear for a hammock camper, an underquilt. We review the features and functions of our underquilt sleep system and show you why it's one of the best options out there.
    • Underquilts
      Hammock camping is quickly becoming one of the most popular wa...
    • The Revolt
      The Revolt is our down-filled hammock underquilt. In this vid...

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    1. solid product with a few minor adjustments be absolutely amazing  star rating

      Posted by Justin on 17th Sep 2016

      Used this for a two week backpack trip for 45 mi on the SHT in Minnesota, worked great pack's down small and is light, only complaint is in bad weather rain splashes up from underneath and soaks it and the down pokes holes in the very soft fabric otherwise solid product. Just have to be nice with it being so soft.

    2. Warm, comfortable and easy to use  star rating

      Posted by Trav on 11th Sep 2016

      I got my Revolt early this season and used it all summer, I'd probably go with a 30-40 for summer use, and would probably switch to a short just to save more space. For what it's intended for it is awesome, I've used it on some cold, windy nights and through a couple pretty bad storms and it kept me plenty warm. One particularly stormy night one of my tent stakes came out and my quilts got pretty wet. That was a cold night but the next day they dried out and functioned perfectly. Excellent customer service as well very easy to just call and talk to someone who is knowledgeable.

    3. Everything I expected, maybe more.  star rating

      Posted by Natchez @2kidsConTent on 6th Sep 2016

      When I first found Enlightened Equipment online I thought "awesome, a company that makes the quilts I need in the colors I want, all at a good price" then I saw the wait time. 14 weeks was a little if a shock. I sat back and though about it, a small company that proud themselves on quality and customer satisfaction, it's gonna take some time to fulfill orders; so I placed my order. 10 weeks later there is a little box on my door step. Having received a tracking number I thought maybe EE had only sent one but to my surprise both of my underquilts were inside. They pack down so small yet loft up so thick. They are great, so far they have seen a night at the Grand Canyon 70*, a night at Kolab Resevior (Zion) 45*, a night in Bryce Canyon 40*, Two nights as quilts on Lake Powell, and one very cold and damp 45* night on top Mount Rogers. Needless to say am very happy with the build construction and the suspension setup, I only recommend getting little metal s-biners or Mini-carabiners for the attached points.

    4. Workmanship id first rate,\.  star rating

      Posted by Tom on 17th Aug 2016

      It will be a while before I get to use this underquilt (August is not underquilt weather). I did make a careful inspection of it and give it top marks for workmanship, materials and packability. It can obviously be used for a light weight ground quilt, too, for nights (or days) you aren't hanging in the air but need another layer of warm. Delivered a month ahead of schedule!

    5. Excellent product  star rating

      Posted by Matthew Tregoning on 8th Aug 2016

      I replaced my Thermarest for my hammock with the Revolt. Dropped 3 pounds off my pack replacing the thermarest and my sleeping bag with the Revelation. I am a warm sleeper and found the underquilt to be enough in warm weather. I look forward to the colder weather and pushing the quilts to their limits. Excellent packability.

    6. Great product!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2016

      I used this under quilt to replace my sleeping pad in my hammock. My first and only experience with it was in the BWCAW when the temps at night might have gotten into the 40's. The under quilt worked great! It kept me warm with no cold spots no matter what position I would lay in. It packed down much tighter than I expected and set up easily.

    7. Awesome Underquilt  star rating

      Posted by Leonard Mills Jr. on 19th May 2016

      I used my underquilt this past weekend and it awesome. I have been using a self inflating pad for about a year now and this was so much better than trying to stay on the pad through the night to stay warm. Had no cold spots and quilt was so much lighter in weight than my pad. Was relatively easy to get set on my Warbonnet Blackbird. The quality of construction is flawless. Great customer service.

    8. Warm toes!  star rating

      Posted by Jason Meister on 17th May 2016

      I have recently upgraded from a 3/4 underquilt from another vendor and I am sure glad I did. The regular length Revolt kept my legs and toes quite warm. The quilt is well made and the materials used help keep the weight in check even with the full length option.
      The only small issue I have is with the suspension style. But that is nothing that can't be switched up. I am very pleased.

    9. 0 Degree, Oh so Comfortable  star rating

      Posted by Davo on 7th Apr 2016

      Ohhh my! I have never been so comfortable. The quality of this product is unmatched. I use a 20 Deg. Revolution TQ with this 0 Deg Revolt UQ. The UQ is very easy to setup and adjust even while in the hammock and then stays in position. I am a very active sleeper and had no issues with cold spots. I have had this setup in temps of 18 deg with a slight breeze. My setup is a Sierra Madre Research Nube hammock shelter. COMFORT IS HAMMOCKING!!!

    10. Great quality and customer service!  star rating

      Posted by Henry Polanco on 2nd Apr 2016

      Purchase a 40 degree Revolt and arrive in the given time frame requested! Thanks to Tyler the quilt arrive and was excited to try it out! The craftsmanship and quality was top notch. Try it on a high 30's to low 40's night and was toasty. Easy to setup and adjustable on a HH asym hammock. Packs very small and very light. Would recommend this product to anyone!

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