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  • Accomplice with weather resistant stripes.
  • Accomplice with weather resistant stripes.


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    The Accomplice is one of the highest value two-person quilts available anywhere. The minimalist sewn footbox found in our Enigma quilt has been upsized to create the roomiest double quilt available, and the completely original draft blocker at the neck enclosures allows either sleeper to cinch tight or open up for independent temperature and comfort control, offering both sleepers a comfortable night of sleep. The quilt includes 2 sets of Accomplice Elastic Pad Straps, which work to keep the sides of your quilt tucked down and draft free, while also helping to hold two sleeping pads together. This is the ideal quilt for couples looking to share gear and warmth.



    • Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz - 1oz)

    • Breathable Nylon Storage sack

    • Accomplice Elastic Straps x2 

    The Accomplice (02:11)
    The Accomplice is one of the highest value two-person quilts available anywhere. In this video we'll review the features and functions of the Accomplice and why it would be a great option for you.
    • The Accomplice
      The Accomplice is one of the highest value two-person quilts a...

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    1. Yeah, it really is that good.  star rating

      Posted by Sarah on 27th Dec 2016

      We've had our 20* Accomplice for about 6 months now and I'm continually impressed. This summer we went on a 2-week trip through Arizona and Utah in temps from the low 40s to the 80s and we were able to stay comfortable throughout the entire range without using the pad straps. I bought it hoping to use it on this trip, and EE worked with me to make sure it was delivered just in time. Good thing, too - with four people + our gear, the car was packed to the brim and there's no way our old bags would have fit. The packability of this quilt is fantastic. It packs up smaller than either of our synthetic 20* mummy bags. Not to mention, the weight savings can't be beat. Between the two of us, we've shaved 4 lbs 4 oz from our packs just by switching to the Accomplice.

      We pushed it just about to the limit this weekend at 25* and 30* and it performed decently well. We coupled it with wide torso-length sleeping pads with R values = 3. We also wore fleece-lined long underwear and thin insulated jackets (Arcteryx Atom LTs), using the hoods to keep our heads warm. Honestly, we were chilly during the 25* night, but we were each able to sleep on and off. We fared better on the 30* night after adjusting the pad straps and the neck baffles, suffering only cold feet. I think we will need to change up our sleeping pad situation and/or grab some down booties for our next winter trip with this bag. Overall, I'd say that the 20* Accomplice performed more like a men's 25* bag, and I would recommend the 10* version as a true 3-season quilt.

    2. Couples, like sleeping at home!  star rating

      Posted by Steve S on 25th Dec 2016

      I am not a person who endorses, or even typically recommends gear to others. I (We) bought this quilt with the specific intention of lightweight hiking as a couple. We use extra cheap ccf pads as around camp sit pads, and on top we strap the quilt to two neo air long pads. Quite frankly, its like sleeping on my bed at home. The ability for me (6') I can diagonal across two pads and stretch a mile! There is plenty of quilt! It seems like it fills the entire tent with loft! We have done both wet and cold and have been extremely satisfied with the temp rating.
      This is very well thought out piece of gear. If you are a couple looking to hike together, this will, or should provide a very solid solution to a major portion of your gear.
      Bottom line, worth every penny.

    3. so far so good!  star rating

      Posted by Jim Spinner on 22nd Dec 2016

      My wife and I have only had this 20 degree quilt outside a couple times in the brief period we've owned it. The weight savings and ability to share body heat is awesome. The pad straps work well to keep your pads together and the quilt around you. I don't think it would have been warm enough by itself for her that night at around 20 degrees but was comfortable with me next to her. She tends to sleep very cold and we've been using it as a bedspread also. I am often only partially covered but she loves it. Quality of materials and construction looks to be great, but I'd like to have more time with it before giving 5 stars. I am interested to see how water resistant the fabric is compared to the Western Mountaineering fabric in our previous sleeping bags. This quilt will be extremely multi purpose for us as we can use it at home, in the field, and when and when it's a trip for just Mom or Dad and one of the kids. We will also experiment with layering solo quilts underneath the accomplice in deep cold winter camping. If that works, then we will get even more use out of this quilt and can sell off those 40 below sleeping bags that only get used a couple months of the year.

    4. Lightweight warmth for couples!  star rating

      Posted by Scott on 20th Dec 2016

      Girlfriend and I bought the Accomplice for use on our numerous backpacking trips, and we couldn't be happier! Because we're sleeping together and I'm a warm sleeper, we opted for the 20*, and there have been a few nights where I have been too warm. The packability and lightweight of this quilt are amazing, one of the best backpacking buys I've ever made!

    5. Fantastic  star rating

      Posted by Jennnifer Critchley on 20th Nov 2016

      Love our new quilt, it packs so small and light but opens up to be more than big enough to cover two people. The quilt is so light it is like sleeping under a warm cloud.

    6. The best lightweight solution for two!  star rating

      Posted by Andrea & Mitch on 12th Nov 2016

      We love the accomplice! The customization is wonderful for tall people, as there are few lightweight sleeping bags/quilts that accommodate someone who is 6'5". It's even more difficult to find when that person wants to share sleeping space with a significant other! Thank you so much, Enlightened Equipment, for providing an option that fits all of our needs!

    7. Excellent  star rating

      Posted by Ana on 29th Oct 2016

      The Accomplice held up beautifully on our section hike. It was even large enough with my 60 lb dog snuggling with us. The staff is wonderful and very accomodating. Thanks guys!

    8. Best sleep system we've tried!  star rating

      Posted by Tristan on 14th Sep 2016

      I bought this quilt for my wife's birthday and have had a chance to use it only three nights, but we both agree that it is the most comfortable way to couples camp. Not only is it as lite as one of our single person bags it gives us a chance to cuddle up close while out under the stars. One of my personal favorite parts of the quilt, and I think my wife can agree, is that we don't feel restricted and are free to roll around in the middle of the night unlike a normal sleeping bag.

      The product has been great for the few times that we have had a chance to use it and the service is even better. I ordered the quilt I think 8 weeks before my wife's b-day and wasn't sure I would be getting it in time as there was an 8-10 week lead time. I contacted Enlightened Equipment to see what could be done to expedite the order. I was told that a note would be left on the purchase order and to contact them again when the time got nearer. I emailed again a week and a half before my wife's b-day and I was told that it is going to be close and that they should have it shipped by the end of the week. The day of my wife's birthday the quilt arrived, right on time!

      I can't give enough praise to Enlightened Equipment and will definitely be telling my friends about their products.

    9. Unbelievable  star rating

      Posted by Rick C. on 12th Sep 2016

      The hype is real. We never owned a quilt before and honestly didn't know they existed before purchasing the Accomplice. Matched with the Exped Synmat Duo, this sleep system can't be beat. Similar to other reviews, my wife looks forward to getting in the tent and cuddling up under the quilt. It has completely changed the dynamic of sleeping outside, and it's very hard to overstate this feat.

      Technical details: We purchased the 20-degree quilt with the additional moisture stripes. Several occasions we woke up to below freezing temperatures but were cozy and warm (to the point where I was typically sleeping in just mesh shorts and a t-shirt if not just boxers and we actually never used the straps). Many times we accidentally slept in because we were so comfortable and missed the sunrise by a couple hours. Bonus, not only does it weigh less than two sleeping bags but it beats bags in every other category you can come up with.

      We tell everyone about this thing and can't praise it enough. Buy it, you won't regret it.

    10. Dream come true  star rating

      Posted by Andrew A on 6th Sep 2016

      This is a really warm and light quilt! Its simple but has well thought out features. Highly recommended!

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